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Monthly FAIR-DI – FAIRmat Colloquium

Elsa Olivetti will talk at next Colloquium on November 4!

After a great start of our colloquium series (watch the talk by Barend Mons here: https://youtu.be/N4CBAqKQmQs), our next colloquium will take place on November 4. 

Elsa Olivetti from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will talk about Text and Data Mining for Materials Development.

We are very much looking forward to her talk since it will set the stage for fruitful discussions in many sessions. So come ready to ask questions!

The FAIR-DI – FAIRmat Colloquium series is dedicated to topics in the broad field of building, operating, enhancing, and using a FAIR data infrastructure for condensed-matter and chemical physics of materials.

The colloquium will take place as a hybrid event, registration  is mandatory.


About FAIRmat and FAIR-DI e.V.

FAIRmat is a consortium of the German Research-Data Infrastructure (NFDI), which was selected for funding in 2021. You can read the press release of the funding decision by the Joint Science Conference (GWK) here: https://www.gwk-bonn.de/presseaktuelles/pressemitteilungen.

FAIRmat is the materials-science component of the association FAIR-DI e.V. (FAIR Data Infrastructure for Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Astronomy e.V.), which started more than 2 years ago as a German-Dutch initative. For the fields of computational and experimental materials science, chemistry, and astronomy, FAIR-DI e.V. sets out to build a FAIR data infrastructure that enables extensive data sharing and collaborations in data-driven sciences, including artificial intelligence, and it expands basic science and engineering. FAIR-DI engages with scientists across generations to promote innovations and further careers, and it reaches out to industry and society.